Apple iGlove: a glove for iPhone

Posted on December 3, 2010
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Apple not only deals with the development of successful technological jewels like the Mac, iPod MP3 players and smartphones iPhone, but also the gadgets and paraphernalia.

The phones iPhone, also called Melafonino, have enjoyed ample success in all markets worldwide, including the ‘Italy. For this reason Apple also sells various gadgets, such as housings, guards, etc.., And to allow better use and more reliably.

‘S latest idea of AppleiGlove glove is presented in an exhibition devoted to the Mac world in San Francisco in the United States. In practice a real glove ’s iPhone, iGlove translated means “glove”. This accessory was widely requested by many users who now find themselves disappointed.

L ‘iGlove will be made from a thin non-slipWith high conductive properties that facilitate the use of the touchscreen. It ’s like having a double skin which does not damage the display but still allows easier access to the keys on it.

From the living room of the San Francisco phone shops is a short step given the success that this option seems to be collected among fans of the Apple world.

The idea of having to wear a glove every time you decide to use the phone seems a bit ‘too much, but its use for example when browsing through the Internet may prove highly useful. It can also be very useful when you are forced to use this type of cell in extreme environments such as sweaty hands, or during a very cold period.

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