Buy the right digital SLR

Looking to buy a digital SLR? Then you are not alone! Never before have they been as popular as today. This article may you smart Buying Tips.
Digital SLR cameras have become increasingly popular and now it’s no longer just photographers who are investing in these professional cameras.Even home users get digital SLR, also called for the SLR - Single Lens Reflex [...]

CamStudio: Record video on your desktop for free

Finding solutions to carry out demonstrations or tutorials by recording your activities on the Windows desktop is rather easy to find a viable cost much less. But luckily there!
Among the most widely used is CamStudio, a free software and open source software that lets you record everything that happens on your desktop (or part thereof) [...]

Care for Laptop Batteries

Lithium Ion Laptop wear due to two factors: 1) the active use of your notebook battery and 2) the natural aging of the laptop battery. Both will wear your notebook battery with time the trick is to minimize their impact while achieving the performance of your laptop battery that you need.
So rule number one is: [...]

Choosing the right external laptop battery for your laptop

The laptops have replaced desktops in a large measure. People prefer laptops or notebooks for its mobile, compact and factor mobility. You have the convenience to carry wherever you go so you can continue your work on the road.
Most laptops have a standard battery life of 2 to 2.5 hours and after that they need [...]

External Laptop Batteries

External batteries provide the user with almost seven hours of uninterrupted power. This is a major breakthrough in this field because laptop users had to depend on normal Sony VGP-BPS9 batteries that only worked for two hours.
Batteries outside are very inexpensive and can be recharged by an external battery charger as Sony vgp-ac19v10. A mobile [...]

Microsoft did not give exact sales figures for both Kins

In a stunning frequently about-face , Microsoft decided to stick a fork in the field of mobile phones for youth-oriented Kin mail, remain less than two months after the handsets slashed in the sale and only two days after Verizon’s price on the devices.
Rumors were swirling a week and two Kin Kin, a pair of [...]

High Quality Dell inspiron 1521 Battery Review

Battery-mag! Professional Manufacture of dell inspiron 1521 batteries at the most preferred price.Listed below are compatible dell 1521 battery replacements, The inspiron 1521 batteries come with one year warranty and 100% compatibility guarantee. all replacement 1521 laptop battery supplied by has passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL [...]

Acer launched new Aspire X3 and M3 Series desktops

Acer launched the Aspire Timeline 3820T/TG and 8943G notebooks endure week, and followed up Monday with the Aspire X3 and M3 Alternation desktops. The laptops and the Aspire X alternation desktop won ceremoniousness at the Computex Taipei Architecture & Innovation Awards several weeks ago. All of these systems arise promising, but for adaptable workers, the [...]

Dell had built up its channel organisation over the last 12 months

Dell has common its investment in the approach by bringing on added assets and ablution its accomplice advising council. Dell admiral of SMB for asia-Pacific, amit Midha, said the aggregation had congenital up its approach organisation over the endure 12 months and would abide to cascade added investment into it.
¡°In the asian region, added than [...]

High Quality Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery Review


Product : Sony laptop battery
Capacity :4400/5200/6600/7800/10400mAh
Voltage : 11.1V
Cell Type : li-ion
Color : White&Black

Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery features
1.High quality and rechargeable ( between 400 to 600 charge-discharge cycle).
2.Replacement OEM Sony battery,100% compatible with the OEM Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery.
3.Uses the highest quality graded and sorted cells(Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, BAK).
4.No memory effect with li-thium Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery.
5.Undergone comprehensive quality [...]

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