Nikon CoolPix S70 offers a retro feel

Digital Camera Nikon CoolPix S70 comes with a stylish retro design with a chassis that includes leather in cream color. Another interesting feature of kamerna is that it uses an OLED screen.
Manufacturers of digital cameras have increasingly begun to focus on design, now that the hysteria about delivering the highest number of megapixels has calmed down. Retro design, we [...]

Review: Microsoft Security Essentials, free antivirus

Microsoft has launched a free antivirus program that has now come out in full version. Is it time to replace your antivirus protection against one of Microsoft ? PCOnline have tested the Microsoft Security Essentials – the free tool called!
Microsoft Security Essentials showed up as a beta version a while back, and with the launch test, I drove [...]

4 TB of new external hard drive WD Studio Edition II

Western Digital continues to renew its My Book line of external hard drives for desktop. The latest model has two hard drives that can each hold 2 terabytes.With RAID 0 you can get up to 4TB ofstorage on a device.
In late January, we wrote that Western Digital was the first with a 3.5-inch HDD 2 TB . Now it seems [...]

Canon launches new digital camcorder Full HD

Canon expands its offerings in the market for digital camcorders with the launch of models Canon HF20 and HF200 Legria.  Both models play without problems the film in full HD and store directly to memory cards.
Digital video cameras are now in three ways: first, they become cheaper, and they become smaller and partly goes off DV [...]

Asus Eee PC 1008HA Seashell, well-designed mini-computer

Asus Eee PC 1008HA Seashell is the latest mini-PC in the well-known series of Asus. The manufacturer is hardly idle when it comes to developing new models.This time has been invested in design.
According to a press release is the Asus Eee PC 1008HA Seashell designed with the ocean, beaches, and seashells in mind. Exactly what that means, [...]

Bright presentations with BenQ MP727

For those of you who need a very bright projector launches BenQ now MP727 – a projector that is significantly brighter than most other projectors in its class.
New BenQ Mp727 is a projector which is mainly intended for students who need to run presentations to an audience in broad daylight or in a room that is illuminated.The [...]

iPhone 3G impresses most

iPhone 3G, the new generation of Apple’s mobile phone, introduced on Monday by the manufacturer. As is customary in the case of Apple’s launches, it has become milsvis of column inches written by the new iPhone 3G. Many are impressed by the features that Apple added.
One hundred new features will have to come in the iPhone 3G compared [...]

Windows and Linux on a par in the market for Netbook?

According to reports in mid-May, Linpus Technologies, Which based on the Acer Aspire One Linux, said his optimism about the increasingly popular operating system of the penguin on netbooks. The news from that part of the General Manager, Stephen Lim, comes as an assurance of the Director General of the possibility (later this year) to [...]

Panasonic HDC SD9

An amateur camera at a competitive price, which guarantees fun and high quality shots. We are talking about Panasonic HDC-SD9Small, lightweight and easy to use.
The HDC-SD9 is equipped with a jack for external microphone, headphone jack, built-in lighting and zoom Leica brand. E ‘can record in full HD on an SD or AVCHD format. It [...]

Apple iGlove: a glove for iPhone

Apple not only deals with the development of successful technological jewels like the Mac, iPod MP3 players and smartphones iPhone, but also the gadgets and paraphernalia.

The phones iPhone, also called Melafonino, have enjoyed ample success in all markets worldwide, including the ‘Italy. For this reason Apple also sells various gadgets, such as housings, guards, etc.., [...]

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