4 TB of new external hard drive WD Studio Edition II

Western Digital continues to renew its My Book line of external hard drives for desktop. The latest model has two hard drives that can each hold 2 terabytes.With RAID 0 you can get up to 4TB ofstorage on a device.
In late January, we wrote that Western Digital was the first with a 3.5-inch HDD 2 TB . Now it seems [...]

Using an external battery as your laptop power supply

There are more than one way to skin a cat … it is so morbid, we proposed that, in the first place? As it is also more than one way to power your laptop or mobile computing device. Often people simply assume that the power supply provided with their laptop is their only choice for [...]

Choosing the right external laptop battery for your laptop

The laptops have replaced desktops in a large measure. People prefer laptops or notebooks for its mobile, compact and factor mobility. You have the convenience to carry wherever you go so you can continue your work on the road.
Most laptops have a standard battery life of 2 to 2.5 hours and after that they need [...]

External Laptop Batteries

External batteries provide the user with almost seven hours of uninterrupted power. This is a major breakthrough in this field because laptop users had to depend on normal Sony VGP-BPS9 batteries that only worked for two hours.
Batteries outside are very inexpensive and can be recharged by an external battery charger as Sony vgp-ac19v10. A mobile [...]